Courage in a Hostile World

"David Phillips was a university student delving into physics and higher mathematics when he was invited to join a group discussing the Bible," said Christian Press Service International journalist Dr Mark Tronson in a recent column. "David went along, because he liked philosophical discussions. But he soon found that his new friends did more than discuss – they lived what they learned. He decided to read this book for himself, and began at the beginning. Before he had reached Revelation, he had committed his life to following Jesus."

Mark Tronson continued (in part): "David's new book, Courage in a hostile world: the story of FamilyVoice Australia – tells what happened next. Often hard to put down, it tells the FamilyVoice roller-coaster ride after its launch in 1973, and the huge 1960s sex-and-drugs revolution that dramatically changed Western culture.

"It is full of stories of the courageous men and women who spoke out in defence of "family, faith and freedom" over the last 40 years. Australasian Religious Press Association president Peter Bentley has commended the book, saying it is "riveting reading... Christians do indeed face a hostile world. So much is going on that we've forgotten how to blush!"