Courage in a Hostile World

Courage in a Hostile World

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Courage in a Hostile World: the story of FamilyVoice Australia 

by David Phillips


“The promulgation of the Christian faith has never been easy and perhaps never more so than today. Yet the basic truths of the Ten Commandments for many continue to remain the pillars to genuine happiness, fulfilment and societal harmony.

David Phillips’ ‘Courage in a Hostile World’ is a compendium of his journey along the Christian values path, encompassing as it does his religious, social and political beliefs.

Core to it all, is his powerful endorsement of King George V’s prescient statement: ‘The foundation of a nation’s greatness is in the homes of its people.’

It is in the active encouragement of strong family values, including the spiritual dimension, that makes this book compelling reading.”

Michael Jeffery, Former Governor-General of Australia


"For over 40 years I have observed David and Ros Phillips lead an unremitting, relentless struggle against social and spiritual erosion in our society. It has cost them dearly. They have paid a high price monetarily, professionally, emotionally and socially.

The title of this book is apt. They have shown extraordinary courage in the face of a generally hostile world. If you have just picked up this volume and are wondering whether to read it or buy it, my advice is, do both! It will be well worth it."

Dr Barry Chant, Founding President, Tabor College

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