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When you give today, you’ll partner with FamilyVoice Australia to protect the unborn, the dying, our children and our freedoms.

Through your donation by 30 June

  1. You’ll help protect the unborn in QLD and SA. In QLD, new abortion laws are being reviewed, but relaxed restrictions will only result in greater loss of life. In SA, you’ll be the voice for the unborn at the Royal Adelaide Show.
  2. You’ll help defend religious freedom in the NT. The proposed changes to anti-discrimination law fail to consider the rights of religious and minority groups, while favouring gender-fluid ideology.
  3. You’ll help oppose euthanasia in WA and the ACT. Both jurisdictions have begun inquiries into laws that allow euthanasia and assisted suicide.
  4. You’ll help push for religious freedom protections. New marriage laws have highlighted the absence of clear legal protection for many fundamental freedoms.

So, please give below to help close the critical $155,000 funding gap – and help FamilyVoice Australia continue being your Christian voice on critical issues like these in the next 12 months.

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